The Story County Sheriff's Office houses and staff Story County's 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and its 14 member staff, consisting of a commander, operations manager, and twelve telecommunicators. This team of professional telecommunicators answer 911, administrative calls and providing paging/dispatching services for the Sheriff's Office, Nevada Police, Huxley Police, Story City Police, thirteen fire agencies, thirteen emergency medical service agencies, and three ambulance services operating within Story County. They are emergency medical dispatch certified and, as such, serve their communities and responders via medical pre-arrival instructions and questions meant to assist in life-saving measures up to and including guided CPR and child-birth.

These telecommunications professionals field an average of 62,000 phone calls annually, create and manage approximately 38,000 calls for service annually, and process tens of thousands of radio transmissions each month.

The Communications Division and Sheriff's Officer partners with their counterparts in both Ames and Iowa State University Police Departments in a multi-agency public service network that allows for greater cooperation and sharing of information, along with shared software and ongoing radio system projects that enable us to better assist our responders and the public in our responses to critical events.