Water Quality

Watershed Assessments

watershed assessment Opens in new windowIn early 2017, the Story County Board of Supervisors and the Story County Conservation Board partnered to bring on a consulting firm to develop countywide watershed assessments throughout Story County. Looking at watersheds at the smaller level – technically, the Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) 10 and 12 watershed levels – we developed a comprehensive assessment that identifies watershed specific goals and develops implementation strategies addressing education, outreach and water quality improvement goals.

Story County is leading the state as the first county to look at watersheds at the countywide level. We hope this project helps define the health of our watersheds. The final report for the Watershed Assessments can be viewed here (PDF).

Watershed Management Authorities

Iowa's Watershed Management Authorities Opens in new windowIn 2010, Iowa lawmakers passed legislation authorizing the creation of Watershed Management Authorities. A Watershed Management Authority (WMA) is a mechanism for cities, counties, Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) and stakeholders to cooperatively engage in watershed planning and management, such as:

  • Assess and reduce flood risk
  • Assess and improve water quality
  • Monitor federal flood risk planning and activities
  • Educate residents of the watersheds regarding flood risks and water quality
  • Allocate funding for watershed improvements

Story County is involved in these WMA's: Four Mile Creek WMA, Ioway Creek (formerly Squaw Creek) WMA, Headwaters of the Skunk River WMA

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    Sara Carmichael

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