FEMA Public Assistance Program

What does the Public Assistance program cover?

State, territorial, tribal, and local government entities and certain nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for Public Assistance. FEMA assistance will be provided at a 75 percent federal cost share. This assistance will require execution of a FEMA-State/Tribal/Territory Agreement, as appropriate, and execution of an applicable emergency plan. Local governments and other eligible PA applicants will apply through their respective state, tribal or territorial jurisdictions.  

For more information, see the FEMA guide on Eligible Emergency Protective Measures.

Disaster Project Specialist Graham Giles 515-971-4664 or graham.giles@iowa.gov

What steps do organizations need to take?

The next step for organizations is to submit a Request for Public Assistance (RPA).  Iowa Homeland Security has provided a step-by-step video for registration and the process to apply for Public Assistance for COVID-19 expenses. Information on the RPA and a PDF request form may be found on FEMA’s website. 

Cick Here for FEMA Public Assistance Briefing Slides

Click Here for YouTube FEMA Public Assistance Video

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What is a private non-profit (PNP)?

Organizations having IRS 501 (c), (d), or (e) or State documentation that substantiates that it is a non-revenue producing, nonprofit entity organized or doing business under state law. In addition to nonprofit status the entity must own or operate an eligible facility and must provide a critical service, which is defined as education, utility, emergency, or medical or provide a non-critical, but essential service (childcare, food assistance programs, senior citizen centers, etc.). You can find a list of critical and essential services here.