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Welcome to Story County!

Story County is proud to be a Home Base Iowa Community!

Thank you for your service, and we welcome you and your family members home to Story County, Iowa!

Story County Relocation Assistance Program

As part of the Home Base Iowa initiative, Story County established the Welcome Home to Story County Relocation Assistance Program (PDF) which allows up to $2,500 in relocation assistance. Each Veteran is eligible for a one-time maximum grant of $2,500 to assist with relocation purposes. These funds are paid on a reimbursable basis, and documentation of all eligible expenses must be submitted when applying for funds.

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Eligible Uses

The following items are eligible uses of the fund.

  • Moving expenses
  • Utility deposits 
  • Rent for temporary housing while waiting for permanent housing
  • Purchase of appliances 
  • Down-payment assistance
  • Rent deposits and rental assistance^

*Funds used for down-payment assistance for the purchase of a house are distributed directly from Story County to the lender at time of closing.

^Story County may assist with rental assistance up to S2.500 for eligible applicants. In all cases of rental assistance, funds are payable directly to the leasing agent/landlord. Rental assistance may be available to applicants through two funding streams: 

  • Story County receives funding through the Story County Housing Trust Fund to assist eligible applicants who meet low.to.moderate income criteria. Applicants who meet such income thresholds may receive assistance for rent deposits and rental assistance up to S2,000 through that funding source, with an additional S500 provided by Story County directly to assist with costs. 
  • Applicants with incomes above such thresholds may apply for rental assistance up to S2,500 directly funded by Story County.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be relocating to Story County and establish Story County as the primary residence; 
  • If purchasing a home, real estate being purchased must be located within Story County;
  • Be discharged under honorable conditions; 
  • Be employed in a full-time position within Story County; and
  • Apply to the Welcome Home toWelcome Home Image 2 Story County Relocation Assistance Program.

Please contact the County Outreach and Special Projects Manager at 515-382-7247 or via email for more information and to request application forms.

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