Code of Ordinances

Story County Code of Ordinances (laws) for the unincorporated areas (outside cities) in Story County are found in the Story County Book of Ordinances. The Book of Ordinances is located in the Auditor’s office at the Administration Building, 900 6th Street, Nevada, IA.

Ordinances are passed by the Board of Supervisors by majority vote at two or three public meetings depending on the procedure used. Notice of a proposed ordinance and the times of public meetings dealing with the ordinance are published in advance in local newspapers by the Board of Supervisors.

Ordinances determine or regulate everyday issues such as tax dollar use, building requirements, water, health and other matters of common concern.

Code of Ordinances

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The following ordinances will be incorporated into the Story County Code of Ordinance with the next supplement:

Ordinance 287: Replacing Story County Chapter 65, Private Sewage Disposal, approved December 8, 2020
Ordinance 288: Amending the Official Zoning Map of Story County in Chapter 92, approved May 26, 2020
Ordinance 289: Amending the Official Zoning Map of Story County in Chapter 92, approved September 22, 2020
Ordinance 290: Amending the Official Zoning Map of Story County in Chapter 92, approved October 27, 2020
Ordinance 291: Amending Chapter 80 - Floodplain Management Program, approved November 24, 2020


Materials contained in this Code of Ordinances are based on or quoted directly from the work entitled Comprehensive Model Code of Ordinances for Iowa Counties which is protected by copyright.

Permission has been granted by the copyright holder, Iowa Codification, Inc. to Story County, to make copies of this Code of Ordinances for distribution to officials, employees and citizens of the Story County, for use in the carrying out of duties and responsibilities of such person with relation to the County as may be required or facilitated by such copies.

Reproduction for all other persons is prohibited without the written permission of Iowa Codification, Inc.

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