Engineer & Secondary Roads

Story County Engineer's Office Building

Responsibilities & Services

The Code of Iowa requires that each county employ a County Engineer who must be a Professional Engineer licensed in Iowa. The Engineer and Secondary Road Department is divided into two divisions, Engineering and Maintenance. The County Engineer, who is appointed by the Board of Supervisors, is in charge of both divisions.

This department oversees the roads and bridges on the secondary road system in Story County. This includes 202 miles of paved roadways, 706 miles of granular surfaced roadways, 24 miles of earth roadways, and 284 Bridges. Excluded from the county system are roads that are located within the corporate limits of any town, as well as highways on the State system (i.e., I-35, U.S. Hwy 30, US Hwy 69, US Hwy 65, and Hwy 210).

The department has 33 employees, with 26 assigned to the maintenance division. The Engineer's Office and the main maintenance facility are located at 837 N Ave. Nevada, Iowa. Satellite shops are located in Ames, Collins, Colo, McCallsburg, Roland, and Story City.

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